GTA is authorized by the National Tax Service of Republic of Korea and organized in June 16th, 2005. We are organized to assist and advice for foreigners’ Income tax matters. GTA has been serving tax consulting for foreigners in DSME, SHI, HHI, HMD, STX, etc, since the establishment.

Benefit of GTA members

5% Taxpayers Association Deduction (Article 150)

If you become a member of GTA and pay tax through us on a monthly basis, The Korean tax authority gives you the benefit of a 5% additional deduction from your income tax.

Convenient Website

For the GTA members’ convenient tax service, we are running a website. GTA member could check his monthly receipt through the website with his membership information.

Membership Card and Holder

GTA member is offered membership card and holder. You could request your tax certificate for your visa extension and other tax matters promptly with your membership card number.

GTA endeavors to reduce your tax burden and provide cost effective solution. GTA will continue seeking ways to better serve our valuable customers.

Geoje Taxpayers Association.